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Poultry keeping is becoming more and more popular, with people from all walks of life keeping chickens for various reasons.  Most people just keep a few hens in the garden for laying eggs. Others strive to breed the best possible birds, conforming to the breed Standard as set out by the Poultry Club. This website concentrates on the pure breed side of poultry, but also has some excellent posts on chicken health and welfare.



Poultry Clubs

USA Breed Clubs click HERE UK Poultry Breed Clubs  Ancona Club – Contact: Mr P Smedley – Email  phil.boy@virgin.net – Tel: 01904 468387 Araucana Club – Contact: Mrs Ky Thurland – Tel:01352 720043 – Email: araucanasec@araucana.org.uk Website: http://www.araucana.org.uk/ Asian Hardfeather Club – Contact: Ms Julia Keeling – Tel: 01624 801825 – Email: shamolady@manx.net Website – …

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Poultry Incubator Guide

This guide is to help you with choosing the right kind of incubator. With hundreds of incubators on the market, some for hatching less than half a dozen eggs, to huge industrial units that can hatch enormous numbers on a commercial scale. These can cater for a backyard chicken keeper or bigger poultry operations. This …

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Infectious Bronchitis

Infectious Bronchitis in chickens Infectious Bronchitis (IB) is a viral disease affecting chickens of all ages. Disease overview Infectious Bronchitis is found worldwide. Infectious Bronchitis virus (IBV) targets not only the respiratory tract but also the uro-genital tract. IBV mainly causes respiratory disease in the infected birds and also drops in egg production in layers …

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Newcastle disease

Newcastle disease (ND) is a highly contagious disease of birds caused by a paramyxo virus. Many species of birds, including commercial, wild and pet birds, can be affected. The disease is a worldwide problem and sporadic outbreaks occur frequently. The last outbreak in chickens and turkeys in the UK was in 1997. It occurred in …

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Poultry Mites and Lice (External Parasites)

  Poultry Mites All classes of poultry are susceptible to mites, some of which are blood-suckers, while others burrow into the skin or live on or in the feathers. Others occur in the air passages and in the lungs, liver and other internal organs. Poultry mites cause retarded growth, reduced egg production, lowered vitality, damaged …

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Types Of Worm Infestation In Chickens

Roundworms Roundworm is one of the most common parasites found in poultry. Adult worms are about one and a half to three inches long & they can be seen easily with the naked eye.They can be found not only in the intestine but also in the crop, gizzard or oesophagus. Symptoms Heavily infected birds may …

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Sour Crop

Sour crop is a condition of yeast infection in the crop leading to thickening of the crop wall, dilation of the crop and birds losing condition and possibly dying. The cause is often difficult to determine but you should check the condition of the feed store and always ensure birds have fresh feed. Treatment is …

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Also known as M.g, Mycoplasma gallisepticum is an infection which can affect chickens, turkeys, game birds, pigeons and other wild birds. Ducks and geese can also become infected if kept in close proximity to chickens. M.g. is less evident in birds kept commercially due to single age sites and high levels of biosecurity. However, in …

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Marek’s Disease

Marek’s Disease is an extremely contagious viral disease in chickens. It is caused by a Herpes virus which can survive for long periods of time in the environment. It is thought that in feather dust it can survive on a farm for at least 12 months and it is this problem which leads to it …

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