Chickens and Feather Pecking

Chickens feather pecking, or feather eating can become a problem in a flock and there are a few reasons why it happens.

Your hens might be bored so make sure they have plenty of things to do. Try a couple of thick branches hung up on string that the birds can jump onto. This will also provides a getaway for birds that are being picked on.  Hanging old CD’s provides interest for your birds to peck at. Hanging whole cabbages/cauliflower or corn on the cobs just out of reach provides great stimulation for your chickens. They will get plenty of exercise jumping up to reach the tasty treats!

If your chickens are pecking other birds it could be down to a lack of protein in their diet. Make sure they are on a good quality layer pellet and have plenty of oyster shell grit. Cat food provides a good protein hit,along with a poultry supplement.

There are also sprays on the market that deters the chicken from pecking.

Remember when introducing new birds to your flock, the best time is when it is dark. Place the new hens in the nest area, this way the other birds are less likely to notice them. Also spray the new birds the birds with anti pecking spray


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