Impacted Crop-Poultry

Crop impaction is a particular problem associated with free ranging chickens. This is caused by long grass, or other material, becoming coiled into a plug in the crop. This causes a distended, pendulous crop, which is hard to the touch.

The provision of grit can significantly aid the functioning of the gizzard. Although most free-ranging hens will pick up small stones and grit, the provision of a supplementary source will be required for birds that are not free ranged, or in situations where the soil is lacking stones.

A simple method is to dose the bird with warm olive oil and massage the crop, or squeeze it, in the hope that the food will be regurgitated

A suffering bird can also be fed wet, soggy mash until it recovers (once you remove the obstruction)

A crop bound bird can starve to death unless treated

Do not be too hasty in judging a large baggy crop to be crop bound
Hens are big eaters and their crops should be quite full

If the crop keeps refilling even after treatment, you may have a bird with an impacted gizzard. Here the blockage forms a ‘rope’ blocking the intestinal tract. This is much more serious than an impacted crop and can prove fatal.

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