Kulang Asil

 Kulang AsilOrigin: India & Pakistan
Classification: Asian Hardfeather. Large Fowl.
Egg colour: White or tinted

The Kulang Asil is an Indian bird of Malayoid type, kept and fought in its country of origin for hundreds of years.
As Indian and Pakistani people migrated to Britain they brought these birds with them, and they have been kept here now for many years. The standard is intended to preserve the original type, which does vary from area to area.
Their general appearance is very Shamo-like, the major differences being a rather less exaggeratedly upright stance and less prominent shoulders, and their development having been in India rather than the Shamo’s development in Japan.

General characteristics:
Type and Carriage: General appearance powerful, alert and agile, balanced and full of aggressive spirit.
Body: Large, firm and well muscled.
Breast: Broad and full with deep keel.
Back: Long, broadest at shoulders, sloping down towards tail and gradually tapering from upper side of thigh. Backbone straight.
Wings: short, big, strong and bony, carried close to the body, not showing on the back.
Tail: carried horizontally or below, length to give balance to the bird.
Head: Strong, deep and broad with wattles and earlobes small or absent. Beak powerful, broad and curved downwards, but not hooked. Eyes deep-set under overhanging brows. Comb triple or walnut, set low on a broad base.
Neck: Long, strong-boned and slightly curved or sometimes with a definite angle between head and neck.
Legs and feet: Thighs long, round and muscular. Legs medium to long, thick and strong with slight bend at hock. Square shanks preferred. Toes four, long and well spread. Hind toe straight and firm on the ground.
Plumage: Feathers short, narrow, and hard, often showing red skin at throat, keel and point of wing.
Handling: Extremely firm fleshed, muscular and well-balanced. Strong contraction of wings to body.

The general characteristics are similar to those of the male, allowing for natural sexual differences.

Black/red (wheaten) is the most common colour, but no colour or combination of colours is disqualified.
In both sexes and all colours:
Beak yellow or horn.
Legs and feet – pale preferred, but any colour acceptable
Comb, face, throat, earlobes and any exposed skin – brilliant red.
Eyes pearl to gold. Darker eyes acceptable in young birds.



Male 3.5kg (7lb12oz) minimum
Female 2.5kg (5lb 8oz) minimum
There is no maximum size

Scale of points
Type and carriage 40
Head 20
Feather/condition 20
Legs and feet 20


Serious defects
Lack of attitude. Overlarge comb. ‘Duck’ feet.


Asian Gamefowl Society

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