Nankin Shamo

Originating from stock obtained by the Japanese breeders from Nanjing City, China, the Nankin Shamo is probably the rarest of the small Shamo, and difficult to find even in Japan. It is the lightest of the Japanese Game breeds, being slimmer and more elegant than the Ko Shamo, and with a longer tail – rather like a tiny Shamo in type.

A regional variant exists called the Echigo Nankin Shamo, from the Niigata area. It is very similar to the main Nankin Shamo breed, but is slightly taller and slimmer.


General Characteristics

Type and Carriage: Alert, confident bearing. Upright stance.
Body: Firm and muscular. Body narrowing gradually towards the tail. Rump firm .
Breast: Muscular, with deep keel.
Back: Long. Broadest at the shoulders, sloping down to the tail. Backbone straight.
Wings: Strong and quite long, held downwards and not showing on the back. Shoulders prominent.
Tail: Quite long, well layered, straight and pheasant-like. Held below horizontal. Saddle hackle also quite long, covering the base of the tail.
Head: Medium sized, showing some brow bone. Beak short, strong and curved. Eyes bold and set in oval eyelids. Comb small and compact, triple or walnut. Earlobes and wattles small, but with some dewlap.
Neck: Rather long, slightly curved but almost erect. Hackles quite long and thick, but not covering shoulders.
Legs and feet: Legs moderately long. Thighs muscular and rounded. Shanks smooth and round. Four toes, long and straight.
Plumage: Feathers quite long, but narrow and carried close to the body.
Handling: Firm fleshed and muscular.


The general characteristics are similar to those of the male, allowing for natural sexual differences. Generally of a rather less upright stance.


Black/red (the ‘red’ may be any shade from yellow to dark red, with wheaten or partridge females which can be any shade from cream to dark brown, with or without dark markings), Duckwing, Black, White, Splash (any mixture of black, white and shades of red/brown).
In both sexes and all colours:
Beak yellow or horn, with darker markings allowed on birds with dark feather.
Legs and feet yellow
Comb, face and wattles bright red
Eyes silver or gold.

Cock 937gm (2lb2oz)    Cockerel 750gm (1lb10oz)
Hen 750gm (1lb10oz)    Pullet 560gm (1lb4oz)
These are average weights.

Scale of Points (100 total)Serious defects
Lack of attitude. Any deformity. Comb other than standard. Poor carriage. Heavy build. Short or rounded tail.


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