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True Bantams

What is a true bantam?

A true bantam has no large fowl counterpart, they are naturally small. Such birds are often a popular choice for pets or kept for show purposes.

Why choose to keep a True Bantam?

True bantams can be a great choice if you don’t have a huge amount of garden,  or outdoor area. Most true bantams are kept as ornamental pets, although they can still be kept for their egg laying capabilities if you don’t mind a smaller size egg. True bantams make great pets for younger children due to being much smaller and easier to handle than large fowl. Most breeds are very friendly and love to be handled. Pekins are very popular for beginners due to their placid nature, they also have feathered feet which is a good choice if you prefer not to have your flower beds dug up. Pekins also lay a decent sized egg for a true bantam, which is another bonus for the breed. 

If it’s a tiny chicken you want, then why not opt for a Serama? Originating from Malaysia they are the smallest breed of chicken in the world weighing 500g or less. They are confident and assertive little birds with huge personality, although eggs are on the small size, but still perfectly edible. 

A list of true bantams with links to breed information, can be found below.
Belgian Bearded d’Anvers
Belgian Rumpless d’Anvers
Belgian Bearded d’Uccle
Belgian Rumpless d’Uccle
Belgian Bearded de Watermael
Booted (Sablepoot)

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