The Campine Chicken

campine cockerelHistory

The Campine chicken originated in Antwerp Belgium and has been bred for several centuries. They were bred for their white shelled eggs. The Campine was brought to the UK in the 19th Century. The Campine is very similar to the Belgium Braekal in all ways except size. The Braekal is the larger of the two. The English or standard Campine we now have today is a mix of two Belgium Varieties with the plumage of the Campine male and female being identical in colour patterns.


The breed is a lively one that prefers to be out and about free ranging most of the time. The birds are very alert and inquisitive. Some can be rather wild in nature whilst others can be very friendly.

Siver campine chickensVarietiesCampine Chickens

This bird has been bred in two different colours – Golden and silver. It is a beautiful bird with pencilling feathers. The golden Campine\’s body, wings and tail are black, barred with dark orange and gold. Their necks are a striking burnt orange colour. They do have pure white earlobes and their legs are slate blue. The Campine is a small tightly feathered bird. They are mainly bred for ornamental purposes but they will lay a fair number of medium white shelled eggs. They are a non-broody bird but are less cold hardy and their combs can be prone to frostbite.silver campine chicks

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