The Friesian Chicken


The Friesian is a Dutch breed and it is said that, like the cows, it comes from the Friesian Islands. It is a very old breed of bird and excavation that has taken place on the Island has shown that the Friesian chicken was around some 1000 years ago though its arrival in Great Britain is quite recent. We did not see it till the 1980s.


The Friesian is a small breed but at the same time a very good layer. It can produce around 230 eggs per year. Being small they do not require so much feed to be given to them. This breed is not a broody one.


The standard colours of the Friesian are gold pencilled, silver pencilled and chamois pencilled. The chamois is the most unusual coloured of them all and the most attractive. It is different shades of yellow and buff and has a pattern that runs through each of its body feathers. This is not found in any other breed of chicken. All of the colour varieties have eyes that are orange in colour, earlobes that are white and legs that are slate blue.

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