The Ixworth Chicken


Reginald Appleyard began the development of the Ixworth chicken in the village of Ixworth in Suffolk and finally finished in 1939 when the breed made its first appearance. He is the same gentleman who developed the Silver Appleyard duck. The idea was to create a breed, which was a quickly maturing table breed, which also produced a good number of eggs. He used the White Old English Game, Jubilee Indian Game, White Sussex, White Orpington and White Minorca to create this new breed and the combination has produced a fine white skinned, broad-breasted bird for the table. It is another very rare breed, which almost disappeared between 1950 and 1970 and now has a much bigger following in the Shropshire area but is still at a critical level. The plumage is always white and the birds possess a pea comb, orange to red eyes, pinky-white legs and beak. They are only slightly behind the Light Sussex in egg production and egg weight. A bantam version appeared in 1938 but has subsequently all but disappeared.


The Ixworth is well suited to free ranging. The male weighs around 9lbs and the female 7lbs. Hens do tend towards broodiness.








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