The Nankin Chicken


The Nankin is a true Bantam and is about the same size as a Sebright. According to H Easom Smith, they were probably used in the development of the Sebrights, showing that the breed has been around for a very long time. There is a lot of speculation as to where they came from but they were most likely to have been introduced to Britain from India.


The Nankin is a hardy bird that is slow to mature. They lay a tiny creamy white egg. The hens make excellent brooders and protective mothers. Nankins are able to tolerate being kept in confinement. Some are fliers, some are friendly. The cocks tend to be aggressive.


The body of a Nankin is a buff colour with black main tail feathers. The comb can be either single or rose. The legs are blue or white in colour. The Nankin is the same as the Sebright in type and the New Hampshire in colour.



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