The Rhodebar Chicken


The Rhodebar chicken is another autosexing breed which means that it is possible to tell the sex of chicks by their feather colour. They were developed in Britain have a large deep and broad body with a long flat back. The breast is full and deep while the wings are carried tucked up. The tail is small with medium sized sickles. They have a well feathered neck and a strong head. The beak is short and curved while the comb is upright, single and well serrated. They have a smooth face and rounded wattles. The legs and feet are bright yellow with four toes and are unfeathered and strong.


Males weigh in at around 8 lbs while females are 6 lbs.


The hackle in the male is a rich reddish-gold barred with black and grey-white barred centres. The back, saddle and saddle hackle are also deep reddish-gold and grey-white but with narrower black barring towards the tips. The belly is a soft creamy buff and the breast is barred red-gold, pale cream and black. The tail has black and white barring while the beak can be red or yellow and the eyes red or orange. The face is red with bright red comb and wattles and the legs and feet are bright yellow. The female\’s neck hackle is buff-red with buff, gold, black and white narrow barring. The colouring tends to be a dark buff-red with buff and buff-red barring. She shares the same leg, feet, and facial colouring as the male and her belly is a reddish buff.



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