Welbar Chicken

Welbar Female R.B Driver


The Welbar chicken originated Britain in 1941 when the Welsummer was crossed with the Barred Plymouth Rock. They are upright, active birds with well built bodies, broad, long backs and a full, well rounded breast. The wings are neatly tucked to their sides and the tail is large, full and held high. They have a deep, wide abdomen. The beak is short and deep and they have a single, medium comb which is firm and upright. The face is smooth, the wattles are close together and of medium size and the earlobes are small. They have an abundant hackle and a long, slender neck. The legs are unfeathered and they have four toes. Plumage is silky.


The Silver Welbar is predominantly silver all over with the occasional black ticking on the hackle and black barring on the wing and tail. The breast is black with silver mottling. The female has a salmon breast and the hackle is striped with black. The wings are slightly barred and the tail is dark grey. The gold Welbar is mostly gold but the male has black ticking on the hackle, black barring on the wing and tail and the breast is black with gold barring. The female has black striping which is barred with white on her head and hackle. The breast is salmon and the wings and back are lightly barred with grey. They tail is brownish grey and lightly barred.



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